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Thrilled to present an open repository tailored to bringing your Proof Of Concept to life, kickstarting your project, or understanding how to build core features at scale.
Say goodbye to reinventing the wheel or sacrificing quality for speed and hello to a streamlined process of development. You can now quickly create any project!

Everything you need to start your API

BoilerplateAPI comes batteries included. It takes the best parts of state-of-the-art tools and adds its own innovations.

Build on-top of hardened framework

Build your API using Node.js and specifically NestJS

Use Familiar Practices

Using Nestjs, your API can leverage familar methodologies (MVC) and practices such as SOLID, Clean Code etc.

Fully Extensible

The business logic is there for you to add. As you get the full source code, you are free to make any modifications!

SQL Support

By legeraging TypeORM, the API uses Postgresql, focusing on providing a robust storage while mainting familiarity.

CI/CD Ready!

Provides template for a streamlined CI/CD process using Github and Github Actions.


BoiletplateAPI is an open source project. You are welcome to contribute, or contact us for support!

Using state of the art packages and technologies

⚡ Build faster.

Copy the repo and get started immediately!

Enterprise-level support

Tech support

Using our expertise we support with custom features or maintanance.


We offer training for your developers on how to use and develop features using BoiletplateAPI.


We support you to bring your project to life regarding Hosting, DevOps and Security.